sexta-feira, 7 de abril de 2017

Roller coaster

Deu no Financial Times
06-04-2017, by John Authers
Reinventing Brazil's economy
The finance minister and former president of the central bank of Brazil, Henrique Meirelles, explains to John Authers what reforms are needed for the country to overcome its current crisis.
Montagem: Foto original: Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

(..) "Could you even say you are reinventing Brazil?
I think so. I think that we are now seeing Brazil improving, discussing reforms, which had never been discussed before. For instance, now with the ceiling on government growth, we have for the first time, since the Brazilian constitution was approved, to have the governments of the percent of the GDP coming down. And more money, more resources will be available for investment and consumption." (Continua)
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