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Very Important Torturers

Deu no NYTimes

White House and Republicans Clash Over C.I.A. Torture Report

Bush, Rumsfeld & Cheney
   Foto Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Fonte: Internet
"That officials at the highest levels of government 
authorized and ordered torture is not in dispute.
  Mr. Bush issued a secret order authorizing the C.I.A.
 to build secret prisons overseas. The C.I.A. requested 
authority  to torture prisoners in those “black sites.” 
The National Security Council approved the request. 
And the Justice Department drafted memos providing
 the brutal program with a veneer of legality."

On the eve of a long-awaited Senate report on the use of torture by the United States government — a detailed account that will shed an unsparing light on the Central Intelligence Agency’s darkest practices after the September 2001 terrorist attacks — the Obama administration and its Republican critics clashed on Monday over the wisdom of making it public, and the risk that it will set off a backlash overseas.


Former Vice President Dick Cheney added his voice to those of other Bush administration officials defending the C.I.A., declaring in an interview Monday that its harsh interrogations a decade ago were “absolutely, totally justified,” and dismissing allegations that the agency withheld information from the White House or inflated the value of its methods. (Continua)

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