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O capital no século XXI: competição global, Estado nacional, desabarato geral IV

Deu no USA Today
24-11-2016, por Isaac Scharf/Associated Press

Trump’s Mexican wall a boon for Israeli security company
Palestine apartheid wall
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(..) Magal was established in 1965 as a branch of the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries. It was privatized 15 years later and has traded on the Nasdaq since 1993. Magal has served customers in over 80 countries, including airports, the seaport in Mombasa, Kenya, and sporting events and utilities.
With market capitalization below $100 million, the company is much smaller than potential competitors, which could include major global electronics and construction firms. But it’s a leader in a country that is in turn a global leader in the building of barriers.
Israeli defense officials confirmed Magal’s projects have included not only the West Bank barrier but a 150-mile (220-kilometer) structure that has halted an influx of African migrants across the Egyptian border as well as a high-tech fence separating the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip from Israel. (Continua)
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